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From Greg Duffy <>
Subject [mina] Minimum thread pool size, IoFilterChain initialization
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 23:27:17 GMT

I'm using the 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT of MINA.

Would it be possible/prudent to allow a minimum thread pool size in
the TheadPoolFilter? After periods of inactivity I notice a small bit
of latency when new threads are being created, and it'd be nice to
have some control over it. My "clients" (actually automated processes)
are impatient and tend to retransmit if I don't send something back
quickly enough (and I need to do it in a separate connection, which
means more latency if I'm using different ThreadPoolFilter(s) for
that). For my purposes, retransmits are not fatal, but it would be
nice to avoid them nonetheless.

Also, I was wondering where the best place is to initialize the
IoFilterChain. Right now I'm doing it on the creation or opening of a
session, but the set of filters I use is static. Is there a better or
more performant place to put that? I've got two instances I'm
wondering about: one using a ServiceRegistry and one initializing a
connector directly (for client communication).

On a side note, I'm just starting to work with MINA, so hello and
thanks for a cool project! Feel free to set me straight if I'm missing
a big concept in anything above.

-Greg Duffy

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