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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Directory Partitions Question
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2006 08:38:44 GMT
Ole Ersoy wrote:

> I'm testing out adding a partition for
> dc=apache,dc=org in RC1.
> I added it right beneath dc=example,dc=com in the
> server.xml file.
> When I try to create a context beneath
> dc=example,dc=com
> no problemo, the unit test runs smooth.
> However, when running it for dc=apache,dc=org, not so
> smooth.
> Originally I took the dc=apache,dc=org entry from the
> "Partition" documentation.  I had to change the Spring
> class attribute (Which I updated in the documentation)
> to match the one used in the dc=example,
> configuration, otherwise the server complained during
> startup in debug mode.
> I also changed the indexAttributes elements to match
> the ones in dc=example.
> Now I make the corresponding changes in the unit test,
> aaaand fire it up!  All red.  Actually I don't even
> get a red, just the console in Eclipse.
> I looked through the configuration file, to see if
> there was some other element that was making the
> dc=example partition work.  I could not find one.  Is
> there one?

Hello Ole!

Adding an element for the partition is not enough. If you look at the

<bean id="examplePartitionConfiguration"

partition of the default server.xml, this bean as an id 
"examplePartitionConfiguration", which is used in the bean with id 
"configuration" in a property like this:

<property name="contextPartitionConfigurations">
       <ref bean="examplePartitionConfiguration"/>

Have you added a corresponding entry for your 
apachePartitionConfiguration, i.e.

<property name="contextPartitionConfigurations">
       <ref bean="examplePartitionConfiguration"/>
       <ref bean="apachePartitionConfiguration"/>

This might be the problem.

Hope this helps + Greetings from Hamburg

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