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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject 1.0-RC1 doco
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 14:35:34 GMT
Hi everybody,

we had a convo with Ersin about doco and site. The problem is how do we 
manage multi-version site. We will have soon a 1.0 version out and a 1.1 
on its way, and we will have to manage those 2 versions. Some parts of 
the doco are commons, some other will differ.

Another concern is the encapsulating site.

We have some idea about those concerns, but it would be really cool if 
you can give us your opinion.

What we think is that the main site should be common and cross version, 
like the Tomcat site or the Httpd site (ie : the doco for each version 
is an entry in the menu). This drove us to the point that we need to 
gather all those commons part into a new project, or at least a separate 
sub-project (like naming) which will live it's own life.

This is a short abstract of the idea we have had, and we wanted to share 
them with the community. From now on, as this is something that matter 
to the whole community, it's much better if we discuss them on the ML 
than on a private channel.

So, wdyt ?

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