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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] It's done 1.0-RC1 has been signed and released
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 00:44:07 GMT
Ole Ersoy wrote:

>Hey Guys,
>Congratulations on the RC1 release.  Can't wait to try
>it out!

>Incidentally, I could not help but notice that we
>think we need documentation.
Heh yes it in high demand ... correct documentation too.

>I'll be glad to throw together some apt files and help
>with this.  Is there a prioritized list of documents
>that we need and is there a "formal" process for doing
That's great ... anything anyone can do is really appreciated.  How 
about just making sure the existing documentation is correct and up to 
date for now.  That will get you familiar with what exists and you can 
just go on from there adding or changing things.  I value documentation 
more than code these days.

>Also, I tried using JNDI on the 0.9 version, to create
>a subcontext at the root of the directory tree using
>this provider URL:
>When I try this I get a null pointer exception, but 
>if I use this PROVIDER_URL:
Sounds like you're using the SUN JNDI LDAP provider here.

>I can create subcontexts.
>Do I have to use an LDIF file to create root level
>contexts like "dc=apache, dc=org"?
Yep you cannot create root level contexts but you can modify them after 
creation.  These contexts are defined in the partition definitions 
within the server's configuration.  However it seems to me like you're 
using a very very old version of the LDAP server.  Please switch to the 
RC.  I assure you its worth doing so.  0.9 is older than Egypt.  Take a 
look inside the server.xml file ... use one of the installers and just 
cd into the conf directory.  There you'll find it.  There should be an partition. 


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