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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE][ApacheDS] Problems due to recent bug fixes
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 14:21:20 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

> On 2/20/06, *Alex Karasulu* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     We have some issues with the RC1 release which is pretty much my
>     fault.
>     We fixed some last minute bugs and pushed the shared libs up a notch
>     from version 0.9.4.  Both MINA and ApacheDS depend on these libs but
>     different versions now.  Here's the situation in a nut shell.
>     (=> means deps on)
>     ApacheDS => MINA 0.9.1 ASN1 Codec => Shared ASN1 0.9.4
>     ApacheDS => Shared ASN1 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT
>     ApacheDS => Shared LDAP 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT
> I think Maven should provide a way to specify that ASN1 0.9.5 is just 
> a minor fix against 0.9.4 so ApacheDS can simply specify the 
> dependency on shared-asn1 0.9.5 and MINA's dependency on 0.9.4 is 
> ignored.  Is there any way for now, Brett?  I thought this is what 
> already is being done actually.
The problem with this is that if we use MINA 0.9.1 with this 0.9.5 
version there may incompatibilities between it and MINA because ApacheDS 
will only have the 0.9.5 asn1 jar not the 0.9.4 expected by the ASN.1 
codec filter.  I think the best approach would be to not mess with Maven 
magic for now and just do a clean release.  But this is just my 
opinion.  I worry about side effects.

>     Basically we're going to need to vote all over again.  This time
>     perhaps
>     we can vote on a simultaneous release of ApacheDS and MINA together.
>     I'll tidy everything up over the next few days and launch another
>     vote.
>     I apologize for the inconvenience.  I'll do all the heavy lifting to
>     correct this problem immediately.
> I made the ApacheDS in the trunk compile OK with MINA 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT 
> today.  I hope this works. :)

Dude you rock!  It's working like a champion now thanks!!!


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