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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [RELEASE][ApacheDS] Problems due to recent bug fixes
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 05:34:58 GMT
We have some issues with the RC1 release which is pretty much my fault.  
We fixed some last minute bugs and pushed the shared libs up a notch 
from version 0.9.4.  Both MINA and ApacheDS depend on these libs but 
different versions now.  Here's the situation in a nut shell.

(=> means deps on)

ApacheDS => MINA 0.9.1 ASN1 Codec => Shared ASN1 0.9.4
ApacheDS => Shared ASN1 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT
ApacheDS => Shared LDAP 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT

So we must bump ApacheDS RC1 up to using MINA 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT and we 
cannot use 0.9.1 unfortunately.  I messed up and this is my fault.  
Sloppy release engineering where I was going against my own better 
judgment to sneak in every little bug I we fix before RC1.  Some bugs 
were considerable tho so its not a bad thing.  The problem now is we 
need a minor release of MINA just so we're not dependent on snapshots.

Basically we're going to need to vote all over again.  This time perhaps 
we can vote on a simultaneous release of ApacheDS and MINA together.  
I'll tidy everything up over the next few days and launch another vote.  
I apologize for the inconvenience.  I'll do all the heavy lifting to 
correct this problem immediately.


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