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From Niklas Therning <>
Subject Re: [mina] protocol implementation question
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 07:32:03 GMT
Simon Raess wrote:
> hi
> I'm trying to implement the BEEP protocol (RFC3080) on top of Mina.  
> Now, I have several questions relating to the implementation.
> I've implemented a basic IoFilter that implements framing according  to 
> the BEEP protocol. The next filter is supposed to implement the  
> transport specific mapping for TCP (RFC3081). This mapping defines a  
> sliding window mechanism for BEEP channels. The TCP mapping filter  
> needs to send a message back to the other side to acknowledge  messages 
> (i.e. slide the window). An IoFilter has access to the next  filter. 
> However, it does not have access to the previous filter (to  send the 
> message). I know, I could use the IoSession to send a  message, but then 
> it starts at the top of the filter chain  (correct?), i.e. it passes all 
> the filters in the chain, even the  ones above the current filter (which 
> is not really what I'd like to do).

Actually, you do have access to the previous filter. Just call 
nextFilter.filterWrite() in your filter if you need to write messages. 
You see, NextFilter is the next filter for a particular operation. In 
the case of filterWrite the next filter is actually the filter *before* 
the current filter while for all other operations (sessionOpened, 
messageReceived, etc) the next filter is the filter *after* the current 
filter. This is always true no matter which callback was called in your 
filter implementation.

I know it might be a bit confusing. :)

> To clarify what I'd like to do:
> 1. TCP mapping filter receives a message
> 2. it determines that it should send a SEQ frame (to acknowledge the  
> message)
> 3. it sends a SEQ frame (passing it to the filter below, i.e. the  
> framing filter)

This should be simple to accomplish. Just call filterWrite() in your filter.

> The idea is basically to have a layered architecture (implemented  with 
> filters).

Good idea! :) This is exactly how the SSLFilter works that comes with MINA.

> I'm wondering whether it is "a good idea" to send messages from  within 
> the filters. Has anybody done that? Is it possible to pass a  message to 
> the previous filter when receiving messages? Or should I  handle these 
> issues in the protocol handler, possibly using  IoHandlerCommand or a 
> layered protocol handler stack? Any other  suggestion, ideas?

Yes, it's very good idea. As I said SSLFilter works this way, as does 
StreamWriteFilter. In fact, have a look at StreamWriteFilter. It's a 
very good and easy to understand example of how it could be done.


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