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From Tony Blanchard <>
Subject Re: Problem Attaching Binary Data
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 13:40:51 GMT
Hi Simon,

I had prepared a mail on this but did not send it because I knew the RC1 
is time consuming.

Here is my saved draft of the email I wrote yesterday :
I am using a 0.9.3 jar for apacheds and i am experiencing a problem 
using binary attribute.
In fact I added a binary attribute to my shema and when I do something 
like this, I have a cast exception because it returns me a String and 
not a byte[].

Attributes lFoundAttributes = lCtx.getAttributes(lSearchedDN);
Attribute lBinAtt =lFoundAttributes.get("<name of my bin attribute def>");
byte[] lBinContent =  (byte[])lBinAtt.get();

If I do the same thing with the jpegPhoto, it works. (Even if it seems 
the binay datas are sligtlhy corrupted depending of the kind of datas : 
pdf, txt etc.... An old bug on this was closed but It seems that there 
is some pb on 0.9.3).
For information, I added my binary attribute name to my xml 
configuration file...

Should I feel a jira issue or is this already known/corrected ? I 
browsed JIRA but not found issue on this.
Do not answer now if busy...
Tony Blanchard"

Best regards
Tony Blanchard wrote:

> OK, I just realised I asked this question before but this is now a NEW 
> problem:
> The problem was fixed before by specifiying a BER provider... but now 
> we don't specify one, the environment is not be passed down to the new 
> improved provider.
> Can someone comment on this before I raise a JIRA issue?
> Thanks Again
> >
> >I think I've tracked it down... sorry to bother you with this.
> >
> >I forgot to add
> >
> >
> >asn.1.berlib.provider=org.apache.ldap.common.berlib.asn1.SnickersProvider
> >
> >
> >>Oh yes that makes a difference.  Perhaps once we consolidate all these
> >>providers in to one fast robust one there will be no need for this.
> >I guess the default provider mechanism doesn't pass down the whole
> >environment...?
> /08 February 2006 13:15
> To:
> cc:
> From:
> Subject: Problem Attaching Binary Data/
> Does anyone know of a problem attaching binary attributes (jpegPhoto 
> etc)?  I thourght this was all fixed in 0.9.x?
> I can attach/detach a serialised java object fine using the in-VM 
> connector but if I try to use an out-of-VM connection, the serialised 
> object becomes corrupt when it is attached (has its first few bytes 
> messed up).
> I also fail to attach/detach photo attributes using JXplorer - again 
> an out-of-vm connection.
> This is the latest 0.9.4 trunk (V1RC1)
> Each time an out-of-VM connection is made I get this warning:
> 2006-02-08 12:44:53,390 WARN  
> [org.apache.ldap.common.message.MessageDecoder](IoThreadPool-2) Could 
> not find java.naming.ldap.attributes.binary key in environment.  Using 
> empty set for binaries.
> This seems related to me...
> SimonT

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