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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [STATUS] Releases
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 01:53:42 GMT
Hi all,

I'm deploying all the snapshots after the repository re-organization 
with the new groupIds and artifactIds.  This should complete in the next 
20 minutes.

After this I will do the following:

 o Figure out how to deploy to the distribution m2 repository at apache 
which is replicated across mirrors
 o Upgrade the top level pom for directory in trunks to 1.0, then deploy 
it to the distribution repository
 o Update all snapshots to use this
 o We then need to release shared to be able to release MINA 0.9.1 which 
was voted on by the PMC
    - need to make sure a the LICENSE.txt is present (I may just add 
this to every jar via META-INF with jar plugin)
    - see how the maven release plugin can automate this
 o Update MINA and deploy snapshots once again
 o Release MINA 0.9.1 and deploy to distribution repo again adding the 
We need someone to sign all the artifacts and poms deployed to the 
replicating repository.  Can someone look into this?  Besides being 
ignorant I lost my passphrase to my PGP key.

After all this:

 o We have to repair some breakage in ApacheDS and the installers.
 o Take out the noise in the build
    - installers plugin
    - test cases (we have only one noise test I think)
 o If time permits I might get an installer working for MacOSX
 o We need to deploy the new site.
 o Make sure JBoss Sar works (Need Simon's help)
 o Figure out how to make installers the distros for ApacheDS with
    - NOTICE.txt
    - LICENSE.txt
    - (gotta build this somehow and integrate it into the build)
    - (again have to build this as well and integrate into build)
 o Prepare 1.0-RC1-SNAPSHOT installers for all try out
 o Kick off the vote for ApacheDS 1.0 RC1
 o If vote passes deploy ApacheDS jars to dist repo, deploy installers 
to dist for mirrors

And that's about it.

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