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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [JIRA] Reorganization Complete
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 06:07:28 GMT
Hi folks,

First off let me state that these changes do not affect the Naming and 
MINA master projects.  These changes are primarily for ApacheDS and the 
miscellaneous Directory TLP JIRA.

We finished reorganizing the JIRA as discussed.  We simplified the list 
of JIRA projects down to 4 projects which are pretty self explanatory 
but I'll list them anyway:

Directory => General issues pertaining to the TLP (old consolidation)
Directory ApacheDS => Issues pertaining to ApacheDS (new consolidation)
Directory MINA => Issues pertaining to MINA (existing untouched)
Directory Naming => Issues pertaining to Naming (existing untouched)

One last remnant remains until we release 1.0-RC1, Directory Server.  
This will be consolidated with Directory ApacheDS once we generate the 
change log from it and release. 

The following projects have been deleted and their issues moved:

Directory Authx => Directory (sandbox component)
Directory NTP => Directory ApacheDS (ntp component)
Directory Sitedocs => Directory (sitedocs component)
Directory Kerberos => Directory ApacheDS (kerberos component)
Directory Changepw => Directory ApacheDS (changepw component)
Directory DNS => Directory ApacheDS (dns component)
Directory LDAP => Directory ApacheDS (ldap component)
Directory DHCP => Directory ApacheDS (dhcp component)
Directory ASN1 => Directory ApacheDS (asn1 component)

Now we have a simple consolidated view for managing the release 
candidates and users will no longer be confused about which JIRA project 
to goto.


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