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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Search Issues: need some ideas on possible solutions
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 16:21:44 GMT
Hi all,

I'm dealing with two really tough problems at the moment.  Both center 
around handling search operations while factoring in schema.  The 
following two issues concern defects in how ApacheDS conducts search:

Emmanuel you had one of these slated for RC1 but I think both are pretty 
severe issues that impact ApacheDS' 2251 compliance in a major way.  As 
a side discussion to this thread we should probably discussion whether 
or not we want both these issues resolved before RC1.

Here's a quick summary of each issue:

A search filter with a superior objectClass (objectClass=person) does 
not match for entries of the subordinate objectClass 
(objectClass=organizationalPerson) if the entry does not contain all 
ancestors as values in the objectClass attribute.  Right now it is legal 
for me to create an entry that is just an inetOrgPerson without 
including organizationalPerson, person and top within the objectClass 
attribute.  I don't know if this is legal according to 2251 after 
several passes.  My impression has been that this is valid since all 
superior objectClasses are implied.  Can anyone confirm this? 

Anyway this is a major issue because it effects the semantics of search 

This is a similar problem.  A search filter with a superior 
attributeType will not match subtypes with the same value.  So for 
example (name=Alex) will not match an entry in scope with attribute 
givenName with value of 'Alex'.  Again this effects search semantics 
where we are clearly not compatible with 2251.

I have put together a page about these problems with detailed 
information about possible solutions and how the search algorithm works 
with each solution.  This is a really tough problem that will effect 
ApacheDS' operation in a major way so any ideas or recommendations are 
more then usually welcome.  Here's a link to the page:


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