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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS][RC1] Last feature addition day for me today
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 17:30:20 GMT

I figured since we're really close to this release I'd post my status 
and todos to the list. First off today is probably the last day I will 
work on ApacheDS for adding features.  Here's what I have to do today:

 o Setup that sar project (module) for jboss integration:
    - I'll create a new module under apacheds/simple in a folder named 
"jboss" or "sar" (let me know if there is a preference)
    - I'll try to get it up and running in JBoss the best I can
    - If Simon Temple (the contributor) can submit patches to maintain 
it, or correct my shortcomings that would be great
 o Get simple/main module, the uberjar, working again
    - creates the needed directory structure if it is not present
    - perhaps we should rename main to uberjar? Does it even need a 
special installation layout?

 o Build an RPM installer and integrate it into the daemon installer plugin

 o Enhance the daemon installer plugin to include resource directories 
and files other than the standard set for
    - documentation resource packages
    - need to include NOTICE and other legal materials
After these are done (today I hope), I will move on to the bug parade.  
I suspect this will take me a few days (2-5 max).  We can build the 
distros for RC1 and kick the tires in a few days here at which point we 
can kick off a vote.

  After the bug parade we will finalize all the artifactIds and groupIds 
for ApacheDS once and for all.  Also the package names will be corrected 
to use as the proper prefix.  Please bear with us I 
know it is frustrating to deal with all these changes.  However note 
that when we are done everything will stablize for the future and allow 
us to migrate fixes between the 1.0 and 1.1 branches with ease.


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