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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: RE : [apacheDS][MINA] proxying HOW-TO ?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 15:31:29 GMT
Hi Marc,

> So it's so 'scramble days' that nobody can write something about my
> concern ? :)

Well, hmmm, the simple answer is : yes, we are pretty busy ;)

Just consider we are trying hard to deliver a 1.0-RC1 release, and its
quite harsh, because we have to close some bugs, fix the doco, add the
last features before the freeze, upgrade the site, add some installers,
and, when we have some time, beside having a job that feed us, we try to
read, and answer questions on the ML.

Sometime, if we think that the question is a little bit too complicated
to just answer and forget, we try to think about what should be the
answer, and of course forget ;)

Sorry about that.

btw : I have no idea about how it can be done. May be Trustin, or Alex?
(if you guys have spare time ;)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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