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From Piyush Purang <>
Subject Re: [MINA] Need some enlightenment ...
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 13:47:42 GMT
Hi Trustin,

Thanks for looking into my problem. I am attaching thread dumps taken
at different time points of the running system (server in one VM and
client in another..bombarding the server with requests that are mostly
dropped/ignored .. client also refuses to accept the response most of
the time.. though I did saw atleast once when it (client) did receive
something that the server had written out as response.)

Hope this helps. I couldn't find anything suspicious in the thread
dump. Certainly no deadlocks. (I also monitored the two jvms using
jconsole for an extended period of time).


On 1/13/06, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Piyush,
> 2006/1/11, Piyush Purang <>:
> > I have been trying to quickly integrate MINA into a small project that
> > i have undertaken.
> >
> > I decided to use the HTTPProtocolHandler example as my guide. So in
> > the run method of my Worker thread I have these two lines of code tha
> > basically try and read all of the request at one go. (Is that
> > adviced?)
> <snip/>
> > Of course the client log doesn't differ too much from the unsuccessful
> attempt.
> >
> > What I can't understand is why this startegy sometimes (rather seldom)
> > succeeds and most of the times fails?
> >
> > And another question would of course be how can I rectify this?
> >
> > When server and client both use IOUtills with reading and writing
> > directly to socket streams things work out rather nicely.
> >
> > Thanks for any comments, questions, suggestions etc.
> Why don't you give us the full thread dump?  It will clarify which component
> is responsible for this problem.
> Thanks,
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