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From "Somashish Gupta" <>
Subject LDAP 0.9.3 . Modify attribute fails with exception
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2006 03:15:14 GMT


  I recently upgraded Directory server from version 0.9 to 0.9.3.  After the
upgradation the JNDI call name,
ModificationItems[] mods)has stopped working(This call was working without
any issue in 0.9). It has started failing with
InvalidAttributeIdentifierException. The structure of my application data
present in the LDAP server is identical in 0.9.3 to what it was in 0.9, so I
am sure the call is able to resolve the name. I have also checked the
contents of mods. The attributes are also present. The only difference that
I have noticed is the properties file in the 2 cases. In 0.9.3 it is an xml
file instead of a properties file. I am using the sample server.xml file
that comes with the 0.9.3 source distribution. (In case of 0.9 I was using
the sample file coming with the distribution). Also I use
JXplorer as LDAP browser. There also I am noticing the identical behavior.
Modification of any attribute was working in case of 0.9. But now with
0.9.3, I am not able to update any attribute through the browser.

 Can anybody give me any pointer as to where I should look into in order to
resolve this issue. I feel it is an issue with my server startup parameters.



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