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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Unable to get started with ApacheDS
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:19:55 GMT
Hi Mikko,

sorry, the tutorial is still work in progress, and currently we don't find
the time the proceed here,
Your error has likely to do with the configuration of your ApacheDS server.
Probably the suffix "o=sevenSeas" is missing. This prerequisite should be
better explained in the tutorial, definetly.

How do you start the server, and with which configuration, and which
version do you use?
You can display the suffixes of a running server like this (change hostname
and port to your needs):

$ ldapsearch -h localhost -p 10389 -b "" -s base "(objectclass=*)"

If "namingContexts=o=sevenSeas" is missing (like above), the server refuses
to add an entry like this (first in the ldif-File"):

If you want to use the sample data, you better add a corresponding
partition to your configuration (this is why I ask for your configuration).
If you use a server.xml for that , you may like to take a look at this:

  <bean id="configuration"
    <property name="contextPartitionConfigurations">
        <ref bean="tutorialPartitionConfiguration"/>

  <bean id="tutorialPartitionConfiguration"
    <property name="name"><value>sevenSeas</value></property>
    <property name="suffix"><value>o=sevenSeas</value></property>
    <property name="indexedAttributes">
    <property name="contextEntry">
        objectClass: top
        objectClass: organization
        o: sevenSeas


In the server.xml of your server you may also use
examplePartitionConfiguration as a blueprint.
I just checked this with LDIF-File from the tutorial, and it worked (for a
0.9.4 snapshot).

Let us know whether this helped, Greetings from Hamburg,

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