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Subject Re: Snickers Source
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:05:41 GMT

Ok, I can move to using the Twix provider.. I was using Snickers in 0.9.3 I

I'm also getting ready to release and I'm trying to identify which JARs to

Could you let me know when you next perform your reorg'?  I have to figure
out the name of the BER provider package and JAR file...

Regarding the sar contribution:

What about starting a 'contrib' module and the first sub-module could be
'jboss'... or maybe 'jboss-mbean' so not to upset Mr Fluery?

I'm also making a few small changes to the SAR (adding the shutdown hook
disabler you provided for example)


31 January 2006 15:13
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
From: Alex Karasulu <>
Subject: Re: Snickers Source wrote:

> Can anyone explain where the BER provider(s) have been moved to?
> They were part of ldap-shared-0.9.3 but are no longer part of the
> 0.9.4 trunks?
> Which provider should I be using with 0.9.4 (V1 RC1) and where should
> I get it?

We switched to using the Twix provider and it has been integrated into
the old ldap-common stuff. After a few things on my plate I will do one
more major reorg and refactoring of this stuff.  Just to get it all
ready for the releases.  Most of it should stabilize ... sorry for the

BTW I will be adding your sar contribution as a module in apacheds
somewhere.  Any recommendations where and what to call it.  Perhaps we
can just put a jboss mmodule somewhere?  Excuse me for not firing off
another thread.  Feel free to do so if you like.


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