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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [scm] [STATUS] Repository reorg and move to m2 "completed"
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 10:55:19 GMT
Ok, the assembly is working. I had to fix a few bugs on the way, but
I'll push forward for an assembly plugin release soon.

Some more comments...

On 1/3/06, Brett Porter <> wrote:
> > Yeah we got some issues with the groupId's because of every subproject
> > picking its own package name.  I think we all need to derive from the
> > same base for packages.  Then make our groupId this
> > or off of it like  WDYT?
> You don't have to change the package names, but definitely should have
> as a base for groups. You can either put them all in the
> one group, or if you expect each subproject to have a number of
> modules (like mina), then they might want their own group IDs like
> you've suggested.

The main comment I have on the build is that the very flat layout
might be better as a hierachy (which is similar to the comment above).
That way, you can build all the apacheds modules, all the mina
modules, or everything together. Currently, it's one or everything.

+ pom.xml
+- apacheds
  +- pom.xml
  +- apacheds-shared
    +- pom.xml
  +- apacheds-server-main
    +- pom.xml
+- mina
  +- pom.xml
  +- mina-examples
    +- pom.xml

This would also give you the level to include the parent poms,
removing the need for -build modules.


I haven't done any more than the base build, but it worked out of the
box on my clean environment. Nice!

- Brett

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