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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject [mina] Introducing the New API for 0.9.1.
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 14:56:43 GMT
Hi all,

I refactored MINA API very heavily this weekend, and now it's time to show
the result to you.  Please feel free to browse my branch here:

and here's the working examples:

Here's the list of notable changes:

* SocketAddress is replaced with IoAddress (org.apache.common)

* All bind/unbind/connect operation is performed via
org.apache.commin.IoService.  There's no need to instantiate an acceptor
implementation by yourself.  You never access
org.apache.mina.transport.*packages anymore.

* 'registry' package is removed.  Instead, IoService does the similar job.

* No more transport-type specific property getters and setters.  Now we use
IoAddress properties and the user-defined attributes in IoSession.  For

ex1) IoService.bind(
new MyHandler() );
ex2) session.setAttribute( "receiveBufferSize", new Integer( 2048 ) );  //
org.apache.mina.common.RuntimeIOException will be thrown if this operation

* Blacklist filter uses regular expressions to detect blacklisted sessions.

* Spring integration classes changed a lot due to these changes.

* Per-acceptor/connector IoFilterChainBuilder is removed.  Instead we could
implement IoService to support more attributes.  For example, we could do
like this:

IoService.connect( "nio:socket:", new
MyIoHandler() );

Please feel free to criticize these changes.  We're very open to your
feedback.  More feedback, better API! :)

Thanks in advance,
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