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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [MINA] SocketSession take too long to write out a message
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 09:04:50 GMT
Hi Donald!

2005/12/28, Donald <>:
> hi all
> I test my proxy server used mina-0.8.2 today,and i find the
> SocketSession from ProtocolConnector take long time to write out a
> message when i try to write a large number messages in short time to a
> single socket connection.
> When i try to write 1000 messages by speed of 30/s,I received
> sent(ProtocolSession,object) event 17 seconds after i invoke the
> session.write(object) method.And the IoLoggerFitler got the
> notification of sent message after 8 seconds after i invoke the write
> method.

Is "WRITE:" logged?  If so, how long is the interval between your write()
call and "WRITE:" message?

If you can reproduce this issue easily, please let me try it by myself.

I try to modify the ThreadPool's size to 10-1000 ,but the performance
> hasn't any change.
> There is no any custom filter in the server .
> What should i do to improve the performance?

IoSession.write() method and the number of thread pool don't have any
relationship.  If it is slow like that, it might be the problem of the
implementation or MINA.

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