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From Luke Taylor <>
Subject Re: Availability of Maven 1 - compatible snapshots?
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 21:20:45 GMT
Hi Emmanuel (and Brett),

Looking at my question, I don't think I actually stated my requirements
at all clearly. It might have been late :).

I'm not bothered about how apacheds is built (I agree that Maven 2 is
much faster) and I have successfully built it with the latest source.

The problem is that we are using it in another OS project - Acegi
Security which is currently built using Maven 1 and hence needs a
compatible repository. I had added the repository at

to our build and the build was working with the 0.9.4-SNAPSHOT versions.
However, some of these appear to have been updated in December and now
we have test failures due to an internal ClassNotFoundException within

Since the build structure has changed so much and since I can run it
locally with the new jar files, I would prefer to move towards using
these, rather than trying to work out why the previous configuration
doesn't work anymore (which I probably can't fix anyway). I noticed
there are up-to-date snapshots at

but we can't use these since we're sticking to Maven 1 until after our
1.0 release. Our Maven 2 build still has some teething problems.

I was hoping that the latest jars might be publicly available as
dependencies for a Maven 1 build (for people other than me to use when
building our project), but if you reckon there will be an RC1 version of
them available next week then we can probably just wait till then.



Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi Luke,
> sorry for the late answer ...
> We are not using anymore Maven 1. The next build will be full m2.
> Sorry for the inconvenience ... but M2 is an order of magnitude faster
> than maven 1 !
> We will deliver a new packaged ADS really soon (let say next week),
> and it will be 1.0-RC1. However, if you can't wait, it's also an
> option to build the current snapshot and get all the produced jars, it
> should be enough.
> Hope it helps !
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

 Luke Taylor.                      Monkey Machine Ltd.
 PGP Key ID: 0x57E9523C  

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