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From Luke Taylor <>
Subject Availability of Maven 1 - compatible snapshots?
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 18:18:24 GMT
Hi all,

Could anyone point me to some up-to-date snapshots which will work with 
a Maven 1 build (if there are any around)?

We're using apache-ds with the 0.9.4 snapshots for the acegi security 
project, but they seem to have changed recently and the build is now 
broken because it can't find the "NameComponentNormalizer" class.

I've built the current apacheds code using Maven 2 and can now get the 
acegi build to work locally by pointing it to the latest jars.

I found the snapshot repository at

but we're not planning on moving to Maven 2 until after our 1.0 release.

Is there any chance of someone making more recent builds available, 
either on ibilio or on



  Luke Taylor.                      Monkey Machine Ltd.
  PGP Key ID: 0x57E9523C  

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