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From Maarten Bosteels <>
Subject Re: [mina] Introducing the New API for 0.9.1.
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:55:22 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

> * SocketAddress is replaced with IoAddress (org.apache.common )
> * All bind/unbind/connect operation is performed via 
> org.apache.commin.IoService.  There's no need to instantiate an 
> acceptor  implementation by yourself.  You never access 
> org.apache.mina.transport.* packages anymore.
> * 'registry' package is removed.  Instead, IoService does the similar job.

I really dislike singletons.  At least when they have state.
When I create a new SimpleServiceRegistry instance, I know exactly which 
classes have access to it.
And unrelated code is not able to mock around with my services.

> * No more transport-type specific property getters and setters.  Now 
> we use IoAddress properties and the user-defined attributes in 
> IoSession.  For example:
> ex1) IoService.bind( 
> "nio:socket:*:8080?reuseAddress=true&threadModel=normal&threadPoolSize=20&receiveBufferSize=4096",

> new MyHandler() );
I really prefer the type-safety of setters, and the associated javadoc.
If a lot of people like the URL-style configuration, maybe we could have 
both ?
Like Pete already mentioned:  I think we should separate the 'magic' 
IoSession attributes from the user-defined attributes.

Just my opinion of course.


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