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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [mina] Introducing the New API for 0.9.1.
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 16:26:43 GMT
peter royal wrote:

> I don't like having this as a singleton with static methods. I need  
> to be able to have multiple instances in a single JVM, and this  
> breaks that. The new setup is a monolithic, which while great for new  
> users, makes it harder to tweak the behavior. The old setup was a  
> composition of multiple components, and I preferred that API style.

I see where you're coming from I agree.  In my last email I was 
considering ease of API adoption for new comers over existing users.

> If the new IoService was merely a layer on top of the old API, I'd be  
> more in favor of that.

>> * No more transport-type specific property getters and setters.   Now 
>> we use IoAddress properties and the user-defined attributes in  
>> IoSession.  For example:
> I liked the transport-specific getters and setters, since it provided  
> a level of type-safety when setting the properties, and you knew what  
> you were setting (there was javadoc on the methods, no chance of mis- 
> typing the attribute name, etc).
Again +1 here.  Man Peter I totally overlooked these points: thanks for 
chiming in.

> The changes look like they help simplify usage of MINA in simple  
> scenarios.. the examples are certainly much simpler, but for users  
> that might have a more complex integration, they seem to be somewhat  
> of a step backwards (my .02)

I'm starting to agree.  I'm a bit worried about the singleton with 
static methods for using MINA in containers now.  This change makes life 
easier for the new comer but becomes more restrictive for power users. 


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