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From Timothy Bennett <>
Subject Re: [mina] Hot plug encoders
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 03:19:32 GMT
Cool stuff.  My team has a need for an enterprise service bus, and we 
likely going to use MINA.  If hot deployable services are important to 
you, have you considered running your server in an OSGi runtime, with 
your protocol handlers as OSGi service bundles?

Mike Seavers wrote:

> I only yesterday discovered Mina and I'm glad I did.  My team just  
> finished a design for something very similar.
> In our design, we implemented an XML configuration file that matches  
> protocols with their handlers (among other server configuration  
> items).  The system would then use reflection to load the handlers at  
> runtime.
> Additionally, we are looking at adding an event bus model where a hot  
> deployable "strategy" would execute on events that were of interest  
> to the strategy.  This was to allow other internal development  
> organizations to write their own strategies for specific events, JAR  
> them up with the appropriate config fie and the server would load it  
> at run time (similar I think to what you've implemented already minus  
> the bus)
> We begin development in several weeks (our specific application is  
> RFID event handling on the order of 180,000 events every 10 seconds).
> If any of these features are of interest, we're happy to provide our  
> contribution.  If any are already in the works, please let me know.
> Best Regards,
> Mike
> Mike Seavers
> Project Manager

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