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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS and LDIF schema files
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:09:11 GMT
Davy De Waele wrote:

>I have a couple of questions on how apacheds handles custom
>objectclasses & attributes.
>1) Am I correct in saying that the only way to include new custom
>objectclasses & attributes (via LDIF), is to generate a set of Java
>classes based on a given LDIF (through maven), wrap them in a JAR file,
>and include them in the apacheds classpath?
No this is incorrect.  The file that is parsed is an openldap schema 
file not an LDIF.  Otherwise you are correct.

>2) Is there another more flexible way of introducing new
>objectclasses/attributes to the directory?
Not yet but there may be soon.  This is because the schema subsystem was 
never completed.  I wrote this rinky dink static schema setup as a means 
to bootstrap partitions so they have correct information on how to 
handle indices for various attributeTypes.  I never intended it to be 
used for solid state operation.  It was just to keep things working 
until I could write a more robust implementation.

>3) What happens if I'm working with a binary release of apacheds
>(downloaded from apache). Does this mean that I won't be able to
>introduce new objectclasses & attributes ?
Not at all.  You can still add your schema jar to the classpath.

The main drawback to this present mechanism is the fact that schema is 
static.  There are other more subtle drawbacks but other LDAP servers 
have these as well so I won't bother mentioning them.  However a static 
schema is not always so bad since schema changes should rarely happen 
once the system has gone to production.  A restart of the server for the 
time being is acceptable if you have to update schema.

Personally I think LDAP servers should not allow updates to schema 
objects that are already in use in the server.  This can lead to 
inconsistencies.  However all vendors allow you to shoot yourself in the 
foot this way.


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