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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] 1.0 release manager
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 23:06:26 GMT
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> Hi all,

Hi all, too :)

> Some time ago Emmanuel agreed to take on the role of release manager 
> for the ApacheDS 1.0 release.  

Yeah. We had this convo almost two month ago with Alex, but in my mind 
it was just a way to keep the pace as Alex told me he wanted to have 
some rest during Xmas hollidays. We aggreed on the fact that we were not 
so far from a 1.0 release, and that we might have to be pragmatic 
regarding the roadmap (i.e, less functionnalies, less bugs (!) and 
obviously, a realistic roadmap to be defined)

> His bi-weekly report is a byproduct of his actively trying to 
> coordinate the team for this release.  

This is exactly what it is : a report with actual works being done, bugs 
to be fixed, as Debian does, or many other projects. Nothing more. And 
it offers visibility to the people ;)

> This kind of means he walks around with a big stick keeping us in line 
> so we can make a quality release :).  

My stick is not that big ;) And it's pretty much a question of 
converging to a release, postponing some work to the next version, in 
order to be able to gather new users. New users means new bugs, which 
means more fixes and in the long term, a more stable product.

> At least that's what I hope he does.  

I try my best ;)

> I personally need some discipline.  

Sorry, but I'm not able to punish people... Not that I don't like to 
punish (eh eh), but it's not my role. Discipline, in my mind, on an OSS 
project, is just a question on focusing on boring tasks like doco, bug 
fixes, packaging, when needed. And the truth is that this discipline is 
the essence of OSS projects. Every OSS developer has to have a 
discipline, but this is much more a personnal matter. We are not 'kapo'...

> I don't think we announced this publicly or if anyone was interested 
> in this role.  

I don't think we did. Because it was pretty much a task, not a title.

> Or even if someone objects to Emmanuel doing it. So please voice your 
> opinions if you have any so we can consider it.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah ! Democracy !

> I think with any major release someone has to take this role or we 
> easily loose our direction.

True. And it can be anybody who want to do it. No need to be the best 
developer on earth. (btw, I'm not ;)

> That person is given the power and patience to harass (joking here but 
> we all know the balance that is needed) all of us so until we get the 
> job done.  

I like this verb : harass... Please, buy me a whip on any internet store :)

> I also think the person can be alternated and should be unless no 
> other volunteers take up this thankless job.  I'd thank you Emmanuel 
> for taking it up but remember the job is thankless :).

1.0 will be the reward. For all of us.

> So Emmanuel will poke around and ask questions.  He will see who can 
> do what and who is best suited to help solve our outstanding issues.  
> He will I guess continue to report on our progress and tell us if we 
> can release.  He's also looking for volunteers :).  We have a lot to 
> do and little time to do it so I hope everyone will try to pitch in.
> Alex

Well said. What can I add which will bring some value? Ah, yes : Thank 
so much all of you for your implication !

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