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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] 1.0 release manager
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 22:30:59 GMT
Hi all,

Some time ago Emmanuel agreed to take on the role of release manager for 
the ApacheDS 1.0 release.  His bi-weekly report is a byproduct of his 
actively trying to coordinate the team for this release.  This kind of 
means he walks around with a big stick keeping us in line so we can make 
a quality release :).  At least that's what I hope he does.  I 
personally need some discipline.  I don't think we announced this 
publicly or if anyone was interested in this role.  Or even if someone 
objects to Emmanuel doing it.  So please voice your opinions if you have 
any so we can consider it.

I think with any major release someone has to take this role or we 
easily loose our direction.  That person is given the power and patience 
to harass (joking here but we all know the balance that is needed) all 
of us so until we get the job done.  I also think the person can be 
alternated and should be unless no other volunteers take up this 
thankless job.  I'd thank you Emmanuel for taking it up but remember the 
job is thankless :).

So Emmanuel will poke around and ask questions.  He will see who can do 
what and who is best suited to help solve our outstanding issues.  He 
will I guess continue to report on our progress and tell us if we can 
release.  He's also looking for volunteers :).  We have a lot to do and 
little time to do it so I hope everyone will try to pitch in. 


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