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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [JIRA] Cleanup before 1.0 RC1
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 18:50:02 GMT
I just wanted to summarize some findings from several discussions on IRC:

(1) [OBSERVATION] Current directory JIRA configuration is out of control 
with number of subprojects.  Umbrella project madness is setting in. 
Users and contributors alike are having problems figuring out which JIRA 
to search or post new issues to.
(2) [OBSERVATION] There are only 3 releasable projects at Directory: 
ApacheDS, MINA and Naming.  The "other" category falls into the sandbox.
(3) [CONCLUSIONS] Simplify by condensing existing set of JIRAs into 4:

DIRMINA and DIRNAMING are fine as is.  This means renaming or destroying 
then reloading DIREVE issues into DIRAPACHEDS.  All service projects 
like DIRLDAP, DIRNTP, DIRDNS, DIRDHCP, DIRXXX etc are to be consolidated 
under DIRAPACHEDS.  Other projects will be moved to DIRSANDBOX.

As I said before in another email it's time to stop playing project 
manager for the ideal situation with JIRA.  We have 3 releasable 
offerings and are about to have many users trying the next few releases 
of these products.  We need to make things easier as we did for the 
build using m2 and the repository reorganization.

Any objections to this simplification?


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