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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [scm] [ApacheDS] Further reorg in preparation for OSGi completed
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 23:16:57 GMT
There were a few things that we want to do in the 1.1 branch with OSGi 
however if the two branches in the future are too different then moving 
bug fixes between them could get hard.  So I rearranged what is to 
eventually be the 1.0 branch, so it separates some modules as elements 
of a standalone simple build as opposed to one for OSGi.  Many of the 
server prefixed projects in apacheds moved to 
apacheds/standalone/simple.  Here's a map of the movements:

apacheds/server -> apacheds/standalone/simple/jndi
apacheds/server-ssl -> apacheds/standalone/simple/ssl    (some of this 
needs to be isolated for reuse)
apacheds/server-unit -> apacheds/standalone/simple/unit
apacheds/server-main -> apacheds/standalone/simple/main (builds the uber 

I also removed many dependencies in pom files thanks to the new 
heiarchy.  The heirarchy reflects interdependencies with apacheds 
subsystems and components.

The whole project from directory/trunks should compile without problems 
now for MINA, ApacheDS (non-OSGi), common, and asn1. 


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