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From David Boreham <>
Subject Re: [Mina] 'messageSent' semantic
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 18:19:22 GMT

> I am surprised it is stated that TCP does not guarantee that message is
> received. It does so. It guarantees packet delivery and packet order.

TCP does not guarantee packet delivery. Yes it will retransmit an
unacknowledged packet but that's quite a bit short of guaranteed delivery.

> I guess they meant that with sockets, reception at TCP/IP level does 
> not imply
> consumption of the buffer by the receiving program.

This true, but I think they meant that when an application sends data on
a socket, the fact that the system call has returned tells you _nothing_
about where the data has arrived. It might still be sitting in a buffer
on sending node. Its ethernet cable might be yanked the next milisecond
and the packet would go exactly nowhere, ever.

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