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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] ML Update on Skype Conference Call
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 08:27:55 GMT
Hi all,

I'm just trying to keep the mailing list up to date with a Skype 
conference call we had yesterday to discuss getting the first 1.0 
release candidate out the door.  We listed the items on our plate and 
spoke about meeting these crazy time lines.  We need all the help we can 
get so please volunteer where you can.

1) Merge LDAPS
2) Resolve all issues that is assigned to me.
3) Reorganize ApacheDS repository structure.
5) ApacheDS configuration
4) Re-org and simplify site and documentation so people can get to 
answers fast.
   Let's not get crazy with subproject madness.  Don't confuse people 
with these
   subprojects all over.  As far as I'm concerned we only have 3 main 
projects here:
   - Naming
   - MINA
   - Apacheds

1) test Twix intensively
2) update wiki about IDE
3) test VSLdap
4) Cleanup and fix logging making it consistent through out ApacheDS.
   - log messages need to be consistent
   - System.out lines have got to go
   - when and how do we use DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR?
   - we're under jdk1.4 compatibility so we cannot use the nice slf4j vararg
     means to insert values into strings so we have to make sure we have the
     proper guards in place to check if debug, info or warn are enabled.

[6:46:37 PM] Alex Karasulu says: Let's get Mr. Logging Ceki to advise us.

1). Finish referral support (ManageDsaIT Control)
2). Add Subentries Control
3). Implement Notice of Disconnect
4). Kick Apacheds as hard as we can with
   - session concurrency
   - request concurrency
   - size and nature of data
   - comparative smoke tests
[7:14:23 PM] Lecharny says: ldap performance paper :
[7:14:25 PM] Lecharny says:
5). Clean out and Re org JIRA
   - no more messing around with all these darn projects and their 
     which confuses users ... no time to play SIM City (project manager 
6). Compile a list of all supported RFCs, drafts and features

[7:23:04 PM] Alex Karasulu says: load, dump, recovery, data migration 
tool is mandatory before 1.0 final release
[7:23:07 PM] Alex Karasulu says: Oh boy we need more volunteers :).


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