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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] General things to do for 1.0
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 05:51:16 GMT

Thanks Emmanuel for the report which helps get many things into 
perspective.  We're  clear on what needs to be done for RC1 when it 
comes to the low level code details.  However there are some things we 
have to do between these release candidates before a 1.0 goes out the 
door.  Let me list some of these floating around in my head (I know we 
need this in JIRA :-)).

 o Cleanup and fix logging making it consistent through out ApacheDS.
    - log messages need to be consistent
    - System.out lines have got to go
    - when and how do we use DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR?
    - we're under jdk1.4 compatibility so we cannot use the nice slf4j 
      means to insert values into strings so we have to make sure we 
have the
      proper guards in place to check if debug, info or warn are enabled.
 o Compile a list of all supported RFCs, drafts and features
 o Document the heck out of the configuration of the server.
 o Re-org and simplify site and documentation so people can get to 
answers fast.
    Let's not get crazy with subproject madness.  Don't confuse people 
with these
    subprojects all over.  As far as I'm concerned we only have 3 main 
projects here:
    - Naming
    - MINA
    - Apacheds

 o Kick Apacheds as hard as we can with
    - session concurrency
    - request concurrency
    - size and nature of data

 o Run some comparisons against other LDAP servers.  I'd like to see 
metrics for
    some other servers along side ApacheDS to see where we stand.  If 
people are
    going to use this in production they need to know its strengths and 
    so they can make the right decisions.

o Clean up JIRA.

Some points regarding a 1.0 release:

 o ApacheDS 1.0 does not mean that every subcomponent of Apacheds must
    be at the same revision (1.0). 

 o ApacheDS 1.0 will lock in features and prepare to stabilize the 
product so it can be
    used reliably as a standalone directory server in production 

 o API's within the server will most likely take longer to mature before 
being released
    as 1.0. 

 o 1.0 does not mean full compliance with the version 3 specification.  
We still need to
    certify the server for LDAPv3 compliance. 


I will try to add more to this list and elaborate on it the best I can.  
We really need people
to step in and help out.  We're in need of some volunteers to pick up 
some of these todos.

I will try to sort out our messy JIRA along with others so we can focus 
on this 1.0.  Excuse
the flood of issue notifications to this mailing list in advance.


P.S. If there is more to add to this list please do so: I must have 
missed several things.

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