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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [naming] Shall we move this into new structure?
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 16:35:28 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>It's structure is already as desired multiproject wise. Since it has a
>separate release cycle, I think its best to keep it under a separate
Brett we intended to put this all in one trunks area as we've been doing 
to date.  What is under directory/trunk should be called trunks really. 
I'll rename that today but I was asking you guys if you wanted me to 
move naming's trunk into this area.  The tags would go under releases 
and branches would go under branches.

>Phil made a couple of nice extensions to the build like aggregated
>javadoc that we haven't done for the m2 javadoc plugin yet. Might need
>to get those in order before converting.
Good idea.  For now we can still move the project into the structure we 
have without converting it to m2.

>Either way, we really need to find out where it is going with regards
>to the discussion the other day before doing anything.
The discussion the other day is about hierarchy inside the trunks area.  
When I asked about naming I was not intending on flattening the project 
for you guys.  Just putting its trunk under directory/trunks, tags under 
directory/releases and branches under directory/branches.  Just trying 
to get the top level of directory REPO looking clean.  Naming is the 
only odd man out ATM.


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