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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [MINA] BindException on Unix
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2006 16:44:07 GMT
Alessandro Torrisi a écrit :

> I give my poor opinion on this. I think this is logically incorrect, 

It's logically incorrect, I just tried to give you a workaround...

> because Java is potentially platform independent.
> Setting some parameters on the platform I'm going to violate this kind 
> of contract, so why don't use C++ ?

Because C++ sucks, when you have tried Java ;-)

> And sorry I don't understand a GUI implementation to stop a server...I 
> want to do a unix service, I want to start, stop or
> restart my service with the classic init.d concept...

The GUI will work the same way than a service. What we need, here, and 
you are right, is a way to shutdown correctly the server. We don't have 
it currently, but we will work on it for sure ! (Any help appreciated ;)

> Then why when I start a simple SocketServer and accept connections 
> with that, I can start, restart or stop it as usual ?
> What is the big difference ? Why I don't have to modify platform 
> parameters for a SocketServer ?
> Another thing is that in the way you suggested I have to put all 
> necessary informations to modify parameters on all Unix platforms !
> In Mac Os X I don't have a sysctl.conf !

yeah. My bad. We will dig this issue deeper and try to find a better 
solution than this ugly workaround ;)

Sorry for the inconvenience...

-- Emmanuel Lécharny

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