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From Alessandro Torrisi <>
Subject [Mina-JxHub] Re: Hi ! Me and my performance problems !]
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:55:09 GMT
Hi Kasper ! Sorry I sent you a mail before you answered !

Thanks for:

on the first look all looked nice and tidy (i like java 1.5 too) do I test my server ? I'm into a Fastweb metropolitan area 
network, there are a lot of users, I don't know how many
but in my domain I have about 5000 users probably more.

When I want to test I simply redirect users until hub seems full... I've 
got also some tool which could simulate
users activity but not at all, for example these users after login do 
not do anything...for example searches for hub are very
heavy...probably I have to put this feature in the simulator..

Now on a hub with 80 users on a DSL I see too much lag...users slowly 
connect, main chat is completely blocked...
After the big users flow is finished, I can write in main chat..

On a 10 Mbit fiber I reached the 800 users, but with other applications 
I can do much better

Best regards, Alex !

Kaspar Luethi wrote:

> hi alex
> thanks for the information and updating the files on soruceforge!. i
> downloaded them there, i dont like cvs too much :)
> i am busy with other stufff (work) right now, but will have a close 
> look as
> soon as possible. i'll mail you then.
> on the first look all looked nice and tidy (i like java 1.5 too). i 
> didn't
> find a start shell/batch script, that could be handy for new users, 
> but no
> problem.
> i also still wonder, how do you test performance? do you just put the 
> server
> live (on some tracker?) and see what happens?
> greetings, kaspar
> Alessandro Torrisi wrote:
>> Hi Kaspar ! You are very gentle... I need help !! ihhihi Welll I've
>> the project hosted at Sourceforge at the url
>> you can download from it
>> !
>> I don't know but I experience some problems getting the cvs from
>> command line, but there's absolutely no problem from eclipse.
>> The project is structured in a common way: src,lib and in lib there
>> are all the jars I'm using or I've tested for my little hubsoft.
>> For now I use mysql >= 4.x/5.x, hibernate (with default c3p0 and
>> ehcache), naturally mina and the j-connector for mysql
>> If you want you can access the cvs, there is the base HEAD for
>> JxHub/MySQL and a branch for JxHub/HSqlDb not fully functional ! I
>> prefer that with mysql, it's my db !
>> I have implemented most of the protocol, now I have to focus security
>> and performance, but probably I'm wrong in something !
>> If you like I can attach you the archive with sources and libs !
>> (It's around 9 Mb)
>> Now I will put the latest archives also on 
>> Sourceforge/JxHub/Download...:D
>> Let me know something if you can, thanx for the support.
>> Best regards,
>> Alex

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