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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject bi-weekly report #3
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 00:44:16 GMT
Hi all !

This is report #3, Happy New Year !!!

1) News

* Alex is back in business ! 

* We have mavenized-2 the full structure. What a dramatic speed
improvment it is !

* We are slowly bur surely closing blocking issues, and we think we can
reach a 1.0RC1 really soon :)) Be aware that the 1.0 won't be fully
LdapV3 compliant
as we didn't implemented approximate search (cn ~= ze apasse krupp )

* A separate Mailing List has been voted for MINA. It will drain almost
80% of all the mails we get on directory-dev ... The ML will be
soon by Apache Infra. Thanks guys from Ifra !

* Twix will be the new ASN.1 default codec. We may encounter some
problems with it, be patient, we will be very reactive !

* Persistent search is the first Control being added in the server. It
has been finished last friday.

2) Roadmap milestones

Ok. Let's be a little bit optimistic. We think that we could reach a
1.0-RC1 for mid-january. Yes, really !

Here are the remaining points we have to deal with :
 - LDAPS : Trustin has a working implementation in his sanbox, se we are
confident that it could be included in trunk soon

 - Password encryption : Stefan Zoerner has worked out some kind of
implementation. We must check if it covers all the needs.

 - Size Limit implementation : to be done by Alex

 - Time limit implementation : to be done by Alex

 - Referral : this has to be discussed with Alex, but it should not be
complicated. Some work on URLs is being done.

 - Twix hardening : more testing are to be done. We know that some
special cases are not handled correctly. I will do my best to cover all
those in the next days.

 - DN problems : we still have two problems to be corrected. I hope we
will kill them by the end of next week.

 - Abandon Handler : Alex will take care of this one.

So here is our expectations : 
 - 1.0 RC1 for mid january
 - As many RC as necessary
 - 1.0 for end of february 

We will do some performance tests as soon as RC1 is out, and also some
load tests.

3) Bugs

We have 27 bugs and 167 improvments

We still have 3 blockers, but one has been resolved and a new one has
been created :

DIRSNICKERS-117 has been fixed. A very stupid error, that took me 4
hours to surrender, and 1 minute to fix ;)

DIRMINA-159 has been added : it seems that this bug only appears on
Debian based Linux. 

We still have the two previous following blockers :
DIRLDAP-73 : Heavy modifications are on their way...
DIREVE-310 : Status not changed since last time. It may not be a
blocker ?

Btw, may I ask people who have created JIRA issues that are now fixed to
close them?

4) Work in progress (Please fill the gaps ;)

Alex : Size limit, Time Limit, Abandon Handler, and controls

Trustin : LDAPS, mainly, plus bug fixing. Mina 0.9.1?

Nicklas : Bug fixing in MINA

Stefan : Still some doco (that's cool ! We need doco a lot), plus
password encryption (wdyt?)

Ersin : 

Enrique : Osgi ?

Emmanuel : DN refactoring. What a mess ;), and controls with Alex. May
be referral, too.

Phil :

Vince :

Brett : Helped us a lot to switch from a slow maven-1 to a brand new and
very fast Maven-2. This is really great !

5) Miscelleanous

This is a new year, and a very important one for us, Directory
community ! 1.0 will be out, and this will funnel a lot of users to us.
We will need dedication and patience. Some comments will be very
negative. We may well deserve a Hani post, who knows ? However, this is
really the result of many energy and commitment from many different
people all around the planet. A special thanks to Alex, who made it
possible !

I just want to reissue a point I raised two weeks ago :
"May I suggest that you have a look at, and
give a feedback about it? I think that the code base is close to this
standard, but I want to be sure that this standard is up to date :) (For
instance : what about version number in the header)"
We had a convo with alex lately, and for sure we need to stick to some
kind of convention. Anyone interested in handling a whip?

Next report in two weeks !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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