Thanks Niklas,

I will check it out.


On 12/21/05, Niklas Therning <> wrote:
Chris Allen wrote:
> ...
> In another topic, I'm curious about what you guys are doing in terms
> of Spring integration.  I saw that this was listed on your road map
> and I would like to learn more about it.

Hi Chris,

At the moment there are a number of Spring FactoryBeans in
org.apache.mina.integration.spring which simplifies the configuration of
IoAcceptors and IoConnectors using Spring. There are also some
FactoryBeans which helps you set up KeyStores and SSLContexts for use
with the SSLFilter. Have a look at the Javadocs for
SocketAcceptorFactoryBean for a short example on how to use it. If you
have any further questions or suggestions for improvements please let me

BTW, the Spring integration package was introduced in 0.9.0.