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From Chris Allen <>
Subject Re: MINA FactoryBeans
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:56:52 GMT
Hi Niklas,

I took a look at the Spring integration package today as you suggested, and
it looks very promising.

One of my implementations of MINA is as a client, so I assume that the
*class is what I would need to use to get my Socket connection going.  It
looks kind of incomplete at the moment.  Is that the case?  I couldn't find
the AbstractIoConnectorFactoryBean class in the JavaDocs and so therefore
I'm not sure how you would configure it.  Also, will there be a way to add a
custom ProtocolCodecFactory to the filterChain and configure that with

Any information on this would be extremely appreciated.

Another thing that I would love to see happen is for you guys to add some
complete Spring examples on the website here:

All in good time I'm sure. ;-)

Anyway, keep up the great work!


On 12/21/05, Niklas Therning <> wrote:
> Ither Seed wrote:
> >>From: Niklas Therning <>
> >>To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
> >>Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 07:38:20 +0100
> >>Subject: Re: [MINA] getting accesss to the IoSession from another Thread
> >>Chris Allen wrote:
> >>
> >>>...
> >>>
> >>>In another topic, I'm curious about what you guys are doing in terms
> >>>of Spring integration.  I saw that this was listed on your road map
> >>>and I would like to learn more about it.
> >>
> >>Hi Chris,
> >>
> >>At the moment there are a number of Spring FactoryBeans in
> >>org.apache.mina.integration.spring which simplifies the
> >>configuration of
> >>IoAcceptors and IoConnectors using Spring. There are also some
> >>FactoryBeans which helps you set up KeyStores and SSLContexts for use
> >>with the SSLFilter. Have a look at the Javadocs for
> >>SocketAcceptorFactoryBean for a short example on how to use it. If you
> >>have any further questions or suggestions for improvements please let me
> >>know.
> >>
> >>BTW, the Spring integration package was introduced in 0.9.0.
> >>
> >>/Niklas
> >
> >
> > Hi, people. I'm trying to use the FactoryBeans of MINA 0.9.0. I read
> > the javadoc in the SocketAcceptorFactoryBean class and I successfully
> > create a SocketAcceptor using it but I don't know how to make it wait
> > for connections. All the examples use the ServiceRegistry interface
> > for this. am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
> You don't have to do anything! SocketAcceptor.bind() will be called for
> each of the Bindings you set on your SocketAcceptor in your Spring file.
> Just make sure you have configured some bindings.
> If you are using Spring's FileSystemApplicationContext to load you
> Spring XML file all the beans you define will be automatically created
> at load time. For other ApplicationContext implementations you may have
> to call refresh() on it for the beans to be instantiated.
> If you are using a BeanFactory such as XmlBeanFactory Spring will
> instantiate your beans lazily when retrieved from the BeanFactory. In
> that case you will have to call getBean() on the BeanFactory and supply
> the id of the SocketAcceptorFactoryBean before Spring will create it.
> /Niklas

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