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From Ersin Er <>
Subject Re: [scm] Pre-requisites for Maven 2 switchover and new svn layout
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:18:01 GMT
On 12/22/05, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> We've been talking about going to maven 2 and changing (simplifying) the
> SVN repository layout all at the same time.  To do this in a big bang we
> need to merge all active braches back to their trunks before we
> proceed.  Otherwise these branches will not merge back quietly.  So we
> all know we have to do this maven 2 and svn repo reorg.  Question is
> when and how?
> I recommend we get the DN branch Emmanuel is working on and the Stored
> Procedure branch Ersin is working on merged back to the trunk.  Likewise
> for MINA we need to make sure all branches are merged.  At this point in
> time we can reorg the repository and switch over to maven 2.  This is
> not going to be an easy time but with an impulse of energy we can get
> most of it done quickly.

My additions are not server wide and not much yet. I can hand-merge
them later. I think Emmanuel's changes are more important and should
be merged to trunk during this migration process.

And IMHO we may release 0.9.4 without adding new features but
compeleting the structure migration (and also improvements from

> BTW here's what is being done at felix and what I think we should do as
> well:
> <from-richard-hall>
>   felix/
>      trunk/
>         org.apache.felix.framework/
>         org.apache.felix.prefs.jndi/
>         ...
>      releases/
>         org.apache.felix.framework-0.8.0/
>         ...
>      sandbox/
>         tbennett/
>         erodriquez/
>         akarasulu/
>         ...

We'll also need bracnhes which are not developer specific like
ApacheDS 1.1 branch (which will be developed parallel with 1.0). We
should also consider such requirements.

> The trunk/ directory contains a subdirectory for each subproject with
> the subproject's directory being named after the subproject's root
> package. The releases/ directory contains release snapshots of the
> subprojects. The sandbox/ directory contains directories for developer
> experimentation.
> Each individual subproject will have the following Maven 2 structure:
>   org.apache.felix.<subproject>/
>      src/
>         main/
>            java/
>               org/apache/felix/...
>            resources/
>         test/
>            java/
>               org/apache/felix/...
>            resources/

This is the well-know maven structure, ofcourse we should adapt it to
get maximum benefit from m2. But the important thing is cleaning up
codes, dependecies, package-projectname-srcdir naming inconsistencies,
single2multi project migrations. (I know these things does not belong
to this thread but I just wanted to mention.)

> </from-richard-hall>
> We can think about this on a separate thread but before we can enact any
> reorg plan we need to merge all branches and freeze development for a
> day or two.  Ok?

The holiday may be the best time to do freezing, merging stuff.

> Alex

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