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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][SP] Stored Procedure Languages
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:38:14 GMT
Performance will probably be an issue with almost any scripting
language that provides some more dynamic capabilities then java.  Take
Jython (I don't know the inner workings of BeanShell) as an example. 
In order to support the flexability of Python on the JVM, there is a
LOT of overhead.  Even if you compile the Jython to bytecode, each
line of the python script is still interpreted, just in a Java class
(you can actually see the .java source once you compile a jython
class).  So at least for this discussion I think it would be fair to
make the term "performance" relative.  Often when choosing between a
"script" and a "plugin" when deploying any kind of virtual directory,
I will usually build a script in order to prototype an idea, but will
re-write it as a plugin before going into production (unless the
script was VERY basic).

Also, what are you planning to use as the mapping model?  For
instance, will it be a single method for eac operation or a method for
the input and one for the output?


On 12/12/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> 2005/12/12, Ersin Er <>:
> > Hmm, OK. BeanShell seemed to be well integrated with Java but
> > performance is an important aspect of our choice. We many consider
> > using Mozilla Rhino.
> Rhino is a JavaScript engine with great performance and ease of use, but
> there's an issue with its license IIRC.  There was a discussion on Rhino in
>, but this issue was not closed because nobody gave
> the bottom line.  I don't think it is because this issue is resolved; I've
> been reading legal-discuss list since it had started.
> If license becomes a problem, we could just use Groovy, which is more
> attractive option for Java developers.
> HTH,
> Trustin
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