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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [MINA][ASN.1] M2 based build and repo configuration completed
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:04:16 GMT
Hi Alex,

2005/12/29, Alex Karasulu <>:
> I'd like to unfreeze the ASN.1 and MINA projects today and remove the
> old folders in the repo to prevent confusion and accidental work on
> them.  I have migrated both these projects into directory/trunk as well
> as their tags and branches into directory/releases and
> directory/branches respectively.  So if people like the setup I'd like
> to unfreeze immediately and switch development to use this format.  I
> will then continue on to migrate the other projects.

It looks good, and the build process got much faster.  Thank you for working
on this by yourself, Alex!

But now we cannot check out MINA only (and ApacheDS either if we migrate to
the new structure) with only one 'svn co' command; we need as many commands
as the number of subprojects.  We could use subversion externals here, but
externals brings a problem to developers like us who checks out the whole
repository (i.e. duplicate contents, long time to checkout)

I think this is because we have many subprojects under the directory
project, and each subproject has its own subprojects.  This implies that
completely flat structure is not suitable for us.  I'm sorry for not
addressing this early, but I realized this just a few minutes ago.  Having
one common trunk was really good idea, but having mina-build directory which
contains parent pom.xml for all mina subprojects are not reasonable.  This
structure is better IMHO:

mina/pom.xml (was: mina-build/pom.xml)
mina/core/... (was: mina)
mina/ssl/... (was: mina-ssl)

Yes, this is not much different from our previous structure unfortunately.
But we don't have many trunks now, so we can check out the code more
efficiently without externals.

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