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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [scm] Pre-requisites for Maven 2 switchover and new svn layout
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 06:04:26 GMT
Hi Alex,

2005/12/23, Alex Karasulu <>:
> We've been talking about going to maven 2 and changing (simplifying) the
> SVN repository layout all at the same time.  To do this in a big bang we
> need to merge all active braches back to their trunks before we
> proceed.  Otherwise these branches will not merge back quietly.  So we
> all know we have to do this maven 2 and svn repo reorg.  Question is
> when and how?

When: At the beginning of 2006?
How: Each responsible committers have to move their projects.  The build
will break for a while, but we'll fix the problems within a few days.

I recommend we get the DN branch Emmanuel is working on and the Stored
> Procedure branch Ersin is working on merged back to the trunk.  Likewise
> for MINA we need to make sure all branches are merged.  At this point in
> time we can reorg the repository and switch over to maven 2.  This is
> not going to be an easy time but with an impulse of energy we can get
> most of it done quickly.

MINA has one branch, 0.8, which is a stable branch.  We decided to use even
and odd versioining strategy long before.  So we need to take care of this
issue, too.  Do I put this branch and unstable trunk into one directory?  I
don't have any idea for now.  Am I missing something?

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