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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: MINA J2EE and MINA
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 23:22:28 GMT
Hi Magnus,

2005/12/14, Wiström, Magnus <>:
> I'm need to implement socket tcp/ip communication from a J2EE application
> (using JBoss). They prefered way of doing this from a J2EE container is (as
> I have understood it) to implement a Java Connector solution.

So you're using JCA.

Question 1: Could I ( and should I) implement a Java Connector solution
> using MINA? Or is there another preferd way of doing this?

MINA will fit perfectly to your use case IMHO.  You can also use just plain
sockets, but I think using MINA will be better for the maintainability of
your application.

Question 2: The protocol we are using is very simple and the traffic load is
> not high. Is it overkill to us MINA? I'm considering doing the socket
> implementation my self.

It's not overkill at all for you to use MINA.  MINA is designed to fit both
with simplistic and with complex protocols.  If you found it is not, please
let us know.  We're always open for criticism. :)

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