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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: ADS : bi-weekly report #1
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 13:50:08 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

It was weekend here.  Sorry for a late reply.

2005/12/4, Emmanuel Lecharny <>:
> This is our first bi-weekly report. We will try to have them until the
> 1.0 is released.

This is a good idea absolutely.  So are you a chief editor? :)

3) Bugs
> -------
> We have currently 182 open bugs, across all the projects. That's good,
> because it means that people are using ADS. But it's a huge number of
> bugs too...

Some are bugs, others are just RFEs.  Should we see an RFE as a bug?

Could be cool to extract those data with a script, and draw a graph
> with them (like the debian bugs report :

There should be a JIRA plugin related with this.  Any idea?

  - DIRLDAP-73 : Really a big one. The DN are stored in the DB using the
> Name of attributes, not their OID. Thus, searching for commonName
> instead of cn does not return a result. Being investigated (Emmanuel).

Sometimes it becomes ambiguous if the bug spans across more than one
projects.  This issue is the case.  We have to fix both ApacheDS core and
LDAP common.  Would there any easy way to track this case?  I guess I can
take care of ApacheDS core part, but will take moderate time.

  - DIREVE-310 : Should it be a blocker? May be. A user that will
> experience this kind of problem could perfectly drop ADS in favor of
> other servers like OpenLdap or FDS. Not investigated

I'll take care of DIREVE-310.

* Jason has done some work on JIRA querying. We should follow this
> thread

Could you gimme a pointer to the thread?

Trustin : ApacheCon 2005 prez ! And, as usual, 10 commits a day, lot of
> bug fixes, lot of user support, Trustin, it's better to have you with us
> than against us :-)

The time has come.  MINA 0.9 will be released very soon after the vote.  :)

what we call human nature is actually human habit

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