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From Donald <>
Subject [MINA] SocketSession take too long to write out a message
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 03:38:17 GMT
hi all
I test my proxy server used mina-0.8.2 today,and i find the
SocketSession from ProtocolConnector take long time to write out a
message when i try to write a large number messages in short time to a
single socket connection.

When i try to write 1000 messages by speed of 30/s,I received
sent(ProtocolSession,object) event 17 seconds after i invoke the
session.write(object) method.And the IoLoggerFitler got the
notification of sent message after 8 seconds after i invoke the write

I try to modify the ThreadPool's size to 10-1000 ,but the performance
hasn't any change.
There is no any custom filter in the server .
What should i do to improve the performance?


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