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From Donald <>
Subject [MINA] how could i get a custom MessageDecoder?
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 05:22:11 GMT
hi Trustin:
I find the MessageDecoder in DemuxingProtocolCodecFactory can not
custom a flexible strategy.Now it be used like this:

    super.register( AddMessageDecoder.class );

Buf if i want use different MessageDecoder according to different
connection,like this :
    MyMessageDecoder(ConnectionStrategyManager manager){
and when come a message, i use the manager to decide how to decode the
input bytes, how can i do?

Could i regist a Message Decoder like this:

   ConnectionStrategyManager manager = //...;
   super.register(new MyMessageDecoder(manager));

so we can use a flexible singleton messageDecoder in coming message,can we?



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