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From Simon Raess <>
Subject Re: [mina] Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2005 09:12:42 GMT
Hi Trustin

On 24.12.2005, at 03:15, Trustin Lee wrote:

> Hi Simon,
>> 2005/12/24, Simon Raess <>: We are using BEEP in an  
>> application (see
>> Unfortunately, the BEEP library we use proved to be unstable and the
>> development of it seems very slow. So naturally, I'm looking for
>> alternatives (that's were Mina comes into play). The core building
>> blocks of BEEP fit our application quite well (that's one reason we'd
>> like to keep the BEEP foundation).
>> BEEP allows to open several 'channels' over one 'session' (in the TCP
>> mapping of BEEP this results in multiple channels beeing multiplexed
>> over one single TCP connection). For each channel, there is a so
>> called 'profile', which specifies the messages exchanged over a
>> channel. The profile used on the first channel (channel 0) defines
>> messages used to create and close channels.
>> As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as channels in Mina. I
>> guess it would be possible to implement BEEP on top of Mina. Has ever
>> anybody thought about doing so? Or would that be a 'stupid
>> idea' (tm)? Any ideas?
> It looks like BEEP is a protocol framework which defines core  
> message formats and some communication procedure, and you can build  
> your own protocol on top of it.  Right?

Yes, exactly.

> BEEP is definitely an interesting idea, and it will make protocol  
> implementation much easier once it is implemented.  For now, MINA  
> doesn't provide BEEP provider yet.  But we're very interested with  
> it.  It can even bear SOAP messages.
> But we don't have much human resource for now to implement BEEP and  
> provide it out-of-the-box unfortunately.  We might start on it  
> after MINA 1.0 is released.  Of course, any contribution is welcome.

We might give it a try...


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