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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [mina][asn.1] Code freeze for m2 and repo changes
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 17:33:46 GMT
Hi all,

In the next few days I will be copying, reconfiguring and restructuring 
MINA and ASN.1 projects to a new area in the proposed format discussed 
on this list without touching what is present within the main area.  
While doing this we need to freeze the code in these projects.  I will 
begin immediately after this email.  Here are the set of objectives 
while making this move.

NOTE: We will do this and take a look and see the result to re-evaluate 
the configuration if need be.  Talk only gets us so far.  This will be 
an experiment and we can investigate the progress with these smaller 
projects before we push further.  It is not final.  The idea here is to 
sense and respond to our needs with small steps.  If the experiment 
fails we fall back.

1. Move to m2
   * I will try my best to move to m2 but we may have to forgo a plugin 
or two.  We can back fill it later.
   * Active 0.8 mina branch will stick to using m1 however and config 
should not change.
   * I will remove the m1 build descriptors in new area to reduce 
clutter and to prevent confusion
   * If some deps are not present in the ibiblio remote repo I will use 
a temp one in my home directory until we can add maven JIRA issues to 
add these deps
2. Reduce dependencies and footprint
   * The goal is to reduce dependencies on external libraries by first 
leveraging as much from jdk 1.4 as possible (mostly for ASN.1 project)
   * We will be merging together the ASN.1 multiproject into a single 
project with one artifact
   * MINA will be broken up into a multiproject and ASN.1 will no longer 
depend on mina
   * Where we cannot use jdk 1.4 to replace deps on commons jars we will 
fork a minimal set of classes to make ASN.1 artifact dependency free
   * We will not migrate the Snickers based BER library but will use 
Emmanuel's new BER library instead as the default.
3. Use new repository layout
   * using new package name layout for projects
   * directory/trunk (all project trunks here)
   * directory/branches (all active public/published branches)
   * directory/sandbox (unpublished user branches can go here)
   * directory/releases (used to be tags but we'll call it releases for 
READ-ONLY snapshots of projects)


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