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From Niklas Therning <>
Subject Re: [mina] Thread Pools, Concurrent connections and Performance
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 10:45:51 GMT
Alessandro Torrisi wrote:
> Hi ! I'm developing a free and opensource Direct Connect software (P2P 
> server). Now that protocol implementation is quite complete I'm testing 
> with lot of connections.
> When connections are made in a concurrent way (50-100 a time), the 
> server seems to be blocked...
> Can I do something to improve performance, adjusting some parameter or 
> applying some programming pattern directly on Mina ? I've listened about 
> Thread Pools on SocketAcceptor and IoThreadPool but I didn't find any 
> tutorial or documentation, is it possible to directly configure these 
> ones ?

Yes. By default the maximum thread pool size equals Integer.MAX_VALUE. 
It can be changed but this has changed bewteen MINA 0.8 and 0.9.

In 0.8, when using SimpleServiceRegistry, you can configure the maximum 
pool size like this:

IoThreadPoolFilter f = (IoThreadPoolFilter)

In 0.9 its not that easy since the ThreadPoolFilter used by 
SimpleServiceRegistry isn't accessible until a session has been created. 
You could try to extend SimpleServiceRegistry and configure the 
protected threadPoolFilter yourself:

public class MyServiceRegistry extends SimpleServiceRegistry {
     public MyServiceRegistry() {

And then instead of using SimpleServiceRegistry you use MyServiceRegistry.

Both of these approaches will use a thread pool of at most 10 threads.


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